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Portrait Christoph Gärtner

Dear friends of philately and numismatics,

I fell in love with philately at a very early age and decided then to turn my hobby into a career. At that time, nobody would have thought this decision would lead from me alone in my parents’ house to global leader Christoph Gärtner Collectors World and working with over 60 employees.

I built Christoph Gärtner Collectors World by changing with the times, maintaining a positive attitude toward those changes while preserving values of honesty and integrity, building and maintaining solid personal relationships with collectors and colleagues, responsibly handling resources and being personally involved and committed to the work done at Christoph Gärtner ­Collectors World. These comprise the core standards, the foundation of the business culture in which we live.

Upon this foundation, my team is encouraged to tackle the many new challenges of our era head on, to work on solutions together and then follow through with their implementation. I am proud of my team. They work hard, have ­passion for the business and demonstrate every day how much they care about the colleagues and consignors with whom they work. Through this ­brochure, I invite you to get to know not only myself but the members of Christoph Gärtner Collectors World a little bit better and to see what we are today and our growth potential for the future.

Be it as a consignor, seller or buyer, we invite you to use to your advantage our longstanding business experience and our personal relationships around the world crossing all areas of philately and numismatics.

I look forward to meeting you in person at one of our offices.

Best regards

Signature Christoph Gärtner

Christoph Gärtner